Estoril Race Track
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CSS Grupo 1
6th and 7th of October 2018

Created in 2012, this competition for Classics with Pre-1981 Group 1 specifications was conceived from the need to reduce participation costs as far as possible, based on the English “Club Racing” spirit. This competition is always disputed based on the class, rewarding the major effort of the teams and drivers that competes in each of the classes, creating the possibility of attending several competitions within a championship.

Nowadays, both in Portugal and in countries such as England and France, Group 1 races have presented very competitive races, that are continuously growing. In addition, the value of these classic cars has been rising since there are more and more interested people in Europe to take part in these competitions.

The championship is based on the regulation of the tourism (Gr.1) series, this extremely successful, mainly between 1970 and 1981, enables the finding of approved and original parts without major costs increases.



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Troféu Mighty Mini

Permanent presence on the race track since the 60’s, the MINI has always been a racing icon.

The MINI Trophy is for the MK4 SPI and MPI models, according to the English “Mighty MINI” rules. This configuration makes the acquisition of a car very accessible with an even lower maintenance, since all parts are basically of the standard type.

This competition is based on three basic principles: fun, elegance and competitiveness. Despite the low purchase price, it is crucial that drivers and teams realize that it is a classic car trophy and that the results will not lead any of the drivers to the Formula One competition.