Estoril Race Track
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World GP Bike Legends
6th and 7th of October 2018

The World GP Bike Legends competition promises to bring former World Motorcycle Championships to the Estoril Race Track.

​Over the course of two days, audiences will be able to watch two racesThe Race of Legends – in which major names of the seventies, eighties and nineties will compete with original bikes or replicas of those they have used throughout their respective careers.

In addition to the competitive events, parades will be held with motorcycles that were landmarks of the history of the MotoGP and motorcycling – the Classic Parade, which will include old 500cc and Superbikes – allowing the public to see them close and true relics of the sport.

To bring the public closer to the legends that were important milestones of the World Motorcycling events and to bridge the contact between them, autograph sessions will also be organized – Meet the Legends – offering a weekend of strong emotions to the two-wheelers.