Some words about sports betting odds

If you are a beginner in this gambling industry, at first you need to understand how to read sports betting odds and how it works. Initially, we will talk about the definition of betting odds. 

What are betting odds

Punters can take help from the betting odds to know about how probable a result is to occur and it helps you to calculate the player’s winning potential. Betting odds help present the possibility of a particular result in an event. Betting odds can be written as decimals or fractions. In addition, minus or plus can be used to refer to American odds or Moneyline. Players can apply betting odds with possible outcomes which can be watched in television, sports, music, or politics.

How betting odds work

Betting odds show the likelihood of a result and it is represented in terms of fractional and decimal odds in most cases. Online bookmakers will show odds in different ways and it is mainly done in a place where you are placing bets and sport.

How to read betting odds

American odds

American odds

Now we are talking about American odds. This is the most famous odds in the United States. If underdogs and favorites are being worked different ways, it is termed as Moneyline odds.  American odds are the most common odds in sports betting.  The number is displayed in the bracket, known as odds. American odds have two components. 1. These are negative and positive signs. 2. These signs are followed by a number. 

The sign which is in front of the number refers to whether placing a bet on that result will make payment more money compared to you have placed a bet or less money thereafter you have placed betting. If the odds become negative, the result is more probable to occur, and betting on that result would pay less than your placed betting amount. A positive sign refers to the result being less probable to occur and betting on that result will pay larger than your placed betting amount.

Decimal type sports betting odds

Decimal odds

This type of odds is mainly used in Europe. Understanding this is quite easy. The players have to calculate decimal type odds by multiplying their desired wager amount by the displayed decimal odds and they will receive a payout. In the North American sportsbook, this type of betting cannot be shown.

Fractional type betting odds

fractional odds

Fractional odds are alternatively known as UK odds.  This type of odds is mainly used in Ireland and the UK.  In horse racing, this type of betting is used. This is one of the oldest odds to the bettors. One can easily calculate this type of odds.  These odds are provided in the form of a fraction. The first number or numerator is the player placing a bet and the second number or denominator is the betting amount. This lies on the right side. It is easy to convert fractional odds to decimal odds just by converting a fraction into the form of decimal and 1 is added there.